The number one thing you can do for your puppy is get them socialized! If you are enrolled in The Teen Training Puppy Program please bring your pups to the Safe and Socialization Group Puppy Class.


This is class is 60 mins of working on your skills with all the distractions!!!


If you have questions about what group you are in please contact us directly at 604-619-0833 or email


Some things to note during COVID


*Because of the large volume of puppies enrolled in The Right Start Puppy Program only those allowed can attend the program at this time.

*Avoid touching anyone else’s equipment, harness, collars, leashes. 

*Please stay home if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms.

*Pick a corner of the yard to stand in and we will all keep a distance from each other. 

*MASKS are required


Can’t wait to see everyone! All the puppies will be getting so big! 🐕 please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the preparation for Covid-19. 

Safe and Socialization Puppy Group Class

For Puppies Enrolled in The teen training Puppy Programs
Held every Sunday 11:00


Held sunday's at 11:00am - see you at the training center

Moto's Puppy Play Time

Hi Puppy Pawrents! We are happy to announce that Moto-Vated Dog Training, is offering Moto's Puppy Play Time, held at the Training Centre at Unit #3 -5280 Polkey Road, Duncan.

Moto's Puppy PlayTime will be held every Sunday at 12:30 till 3:00. You will drop your puppy off for their 2.5-hour playtime – early socialization is so important in their early stages and helps greatly in their social skill, meeting other dogs, and obviously builds confidence. they will also learn skills like bite inhibition and proper play etiquette.

Our facility has 2 separate rooms which can accommodate separating the young pups (as well as those who are a bit shy) and a larger space for those bigger, more rambunctious pups.

Your puppies will be well supervised with a minimum of 2 staff members including a Certified Dog Trainer. You will be able to take a break and get some chores done (or just take a few hours to relax) while your puppy has a great time at Moto’s Puppy Play Time.

Puppies welcome from 9 weeks old up to 5 months old.

Moto-Vated Dog Solution Specialist
Certified Dog & Puppy Trainer

Unit 3 - 5280 Polkey Rd
Duncan, BC V9L 6W3