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Puppy Group Class
Safe and Socialization

Upcoming Group Classes coming in JUNE

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The second most important part of the puppy programs we offer here at Moto-Vated Dog training is a Leashed Group Class- Your Puppy courses include a Safe and Socialization Leashed Group class. So if you are enrolled in The Right Start Puppy Program or The Teen Training Puppy Program please bring your pups to the Safe and Socialization Leashed Group Puppy Class to practice all their skills in a distracted environment so you can improve all of your skills in a more real-world experiece. 

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Moto's Puppy Play Time 
Upcoming Puppy Play Times happening in JUne!
Stay tuned...

The most important thing you can do for your puppy is to socialize them. One of the bigger mistakes puppy parents make is they miss out on the very short critical time to socialize their puppies. Early socialization is so important in their early stages and helps greatly in their social skill, meeting other dogs, and obviously builds confidence. They will also learn skills like bite inhibition and proper play etiquette, and of course, have fun and be tired when you pick them up.

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