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The Right Start Puppy program

Right Start Puppy Package is a 6 week combined private and group program designed for committed dog owners who want to have well behaved and responsive companions.


F. A. C. T. S  Fundamentals + Action = Companionship, Team and Success!


The top 10 reasons why you should work hard at training your puppy!

  1. Build a Positive Relationship with your pup

  2. Teach them life skills

  3. Increase their Sociability

  4. Decrease or Eliminate Problem Behaviours

  5. Build Loyalty and Companionship

  6. Strengthen your bond with your Puppy

  7. Provides enrichment and stimulates your puppies brains

  8. Builds confidence in shy or fearful puppies

  9. Enhances Safety and can even save your dog's life!

  10. And last and most important create less work for you in the long run


Meet the Trainer Walk - Private 45 min walk on the beautiful Cowichan trail so you can get to know me better.


During this walk, we will get crystal clear on where you are and where you want to be

We will look at any obstacles that may get in your way

I will give you my best recommendations for training

2 x 30 min Skills to Success weekly private sessions at your home so you can gain confidence while having fun learning how to communicate effectively with your best friend.

60 min (unlimited classes until your puppy is 12 months of age) Safe And Successful Socialization group classes so you can play and learn to work with distractions.


1 x 60 min Graduate and Celebrate so you can show off your skills, earn your graduation certificate and go on a fun successful group walk with all your new friends.




Stay Moto-vated  Workbook so you can continue your success and practise between sessions.

Ask The Trainer Unlimited email access to ask questions during the program

Moto-Vated Members Private Facebook Group so you can connect with others in my programs and have continued support

20' Long Line - to keep your puppy close and practice training in unfenced areas.

Please contact me for further information! 

reverse the Reactive Dogs

  • Is your dog reactive on the leash?

  • Does your dog appear to be fearful and shy with dogs and/or people? 

  • Does it pull, yank, bark, snap, snarl at other dogs as you walk by?

  • Are you afraid of meeting other dogs/people on the trail?

  • Do you avoid and walk at odd hours to avoid contact?


I can help you by building confidence, have the skills to redirect and engage with your dog so you both can get past the problems you are facing. 

Teaching  - Transformation - Togetherness for your reactive dog, is a 5-week course designed for committed dog owners who want to have well behaved and responsive companions.


This program includes: 

1 x 1.5-hour Assessment (may include a walk with Trainer) 

The assessment will include talking over your goals, equipment being used, issues and core problems and history of your dog so I can get a good look at what is happening. 

We will look at any obstacles that may get in your way and be discussing the best training methods for your dog.

1 x 60-minute Skills to Success weekly -private session at your home so you can gain confidence while having fun learning how to communicate effectively with your best friend. I will guide you in teaching your dog how to focus and perform a behaviour using positive reinforcement. Your dog will eventually learn to focus on you instead of being reactive.


1 x 30-minute Private Walk with a trainer weekly– I will personally take your dog for a walk so they can gain confidence and calm while meeting other dogs and people, desensitizing and counter conditioning your reactive dog.


Stay Moto-Vated WorkBook so you can continue your success and practice between sessions.


Ask the Trainer Unlimited email access to ask questions during the program.


Moto-Vated Members Private Facebook Group for Reactive Dogs so you can connect with others in my programs and have continued support

M0t0-Vated Training Walk

Moto-Vated Training Walk - Train with Adventure, is a walk with a Trainer designed for a busy pet owner who is seeking out extra training support. 

I will train your dog the basics, all while having an adventure! The program will give your dog the mental and physical exhaustion it needs while you are dealing with your busy work week.

Some of the skills we will be working on; leash skills, greeting strangers, patience, distraction training, recall, attention, impulse control and general manners. 

Consistency is key for obtaining results for this reason this program requires a minimum commitment of 4 weeks. A mandatory 1-hour Private Consultation with the owner will be required before beginning sessions, this allows us to set goals, and assess your dog's main issues. 

Fun and Focused Leash Walking Workshop.  

Cost is $49.00

watch for upcoming dates


This is a 1.5-hour workshop covering the fundamentals of the 4 most common problems that even smart dog owners encounter, keeping them exhausted, frustrated and too embarrassed to walk their dogs.

Are you experiencing these common problems?

  • Being pulled into the dog park, stores, daycare, the car, out the door

  • Personal injuries caused by the strain and stress of constant pulling

  • Feeling embarrassed and frustrated when out walking, yelling at your dog to “slow down,” “wait,” and “STOP PULLING”

  • Spending hundreds of dollars on harnesses and collars, with little or no difference in slowing down your dog

  • Your dog ignoring you completely

I used to experience all of these issues and problems, and now want you to benefit from the information I have. In this workshop, I will be explaining, demonstrating and guiding you along a journey to Fun and Focused Loose-Leash Walking.

We will explore:

  • Engagement – What is engagement, and how to get your dog to pay attention to you.

  • Training Techniques that will have your dog mastering the loose leash.

  • Equipment – What type of equipment to use and how to make sure it fits.

  • High Value Treats – When and how to use treats to get the results you need to build a better relationship with your dog.

I hope you see you all there to learn how to have engaging FUN walks with your dog!


Class size is limited to 6 so contact me to book.

"Moto COME!!! pleeeease" Recall Workshop

Cost is $49.00 

Stay tuned for future dates...

Overcome the *3* most common mistakes that even smart dog owners encounter that keep them frustrated and embarrassed when they let their dogs off-leash. 


Who has yelled out to someone up ahead, “he’s friendly!!!!!!”, because you know he will not come when you call him. 


This 90-minute interactive workshop will help you build your leadership skill; bond with your dog; and create confidence that your dog will come when called.


In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the best training techniques and commands to reduce the many distractions the world can produce.

  • Practice fun engagement games in a safe environment that will keep your dog focused on you!


*Get clarity on :

  • the do’s and dont’s of recall

  • the best equipment to use

  • and learn the importance of PRACTICE!


Added Bonus - A detailed workbook to take home with you so you will be sure to remember everything that’s covered. 


Things to bring:

  • Your dog!!!🐶

  • A leash

  • A high valve treat your dog loves

  • Proper footwear - no flip flops



Available in the following neighborhoods:

North Cowichan



Cobble Hill



Cowichan Bay

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