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                                                 October 2023


HI!, My name is Shawna -I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself to my new province.

Sprocket, Slicks, and I arrived in PEI at the end of July and we are living in Wheatley River... so far we are loving it here. We came from British Columbia where I have been living for the last 19 years, previous to that I was living in Grand Cayman, and originally I was born and raised in Ontario... The biggest question I have gotten so far since moving here is "Why PEI?" well the best answer I can give is we needed a change, we needed some space, some rest, some calm, and well PEI just kind of happened. There's no real pinpointed answer. All I can say is that we are enjoying our time here so far, and we are settling into our new home.

I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer and will be offering some of my services on the weekends as I am working a full-time job through the week. The future plan is for me to open up to full-time training next year and we will go from there. I will be posting up some possible group classes and will work a few private sessions. If anyone is interested in doing some training please reach out to us on the COntact US page and send me a message so we can chat about the issues you are facing. 

Meet Slicks!                                                                                 January 2021

Sprocket and I adopted Slicks from Victoria Human Society Just after the new year (right when I broke my wrist - very bad timing) Slicks is from northern Manitoba,  I am her 6th home! WOW, she has been through so much in her 10 short months. She came to me with bad food aggression, leash reactivity, and fear-related issues (very shy introductions with people) so far- we have improved her food aggression - if all dogs are sitting beside her I can give her a treat! her leash reactivity is still happening but we are working very hard on fixing that. I will get some videos posted soon to see her training progress. check out our Blog on Slicks and how I have been training and dealing with her issues. Check out our blog for more information...


Hello, Prince Edward Island! 

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