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Moto News - New Training Centre

Our new Moto-Vated Puppy and Dog Training Centre is NOW OPEN!!

We now have a centralized and dedicated training space in Duncan.  You and your dog can join us for classes and individual training INSIDE and out of the elements!

Our new training space is at:

Unit 3 - 5280 Polkey Rd, Duncan, BC.

Love to all, Shawna, Sprocket and now Slicks!

Meet Slicks! 

Sprocket and I adopted Slicks from Victoria Human Society Just after the new year (right when I broke my wrist - very bad timing) Slicks is from northern Manitoba,  I am her 6th home! WOW, she has been through so much in her 10 short months. She came to me with bad food aggression, leash reactivity, and fear-related issues (very shy introductions with people) so far- we have improved her food aggression - if all dogs are sitting beside her I can give her a treat! her leash reactivity is still happening but we are working very hard on fixing that. I will get some videos posted soon to see her training progress. check out our Blog on Slicks and how I have been training and dealing with her issues. 

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Moto-Vated Dog Solution Specialist
Certified Dog & Puppy Trainer

Unit 3 - 5280 Polkey Rd
Duncan, BC V9L 6W3