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Sniff/Play Spot!

Favorite Toys

                                                                                       April 10 2024

Hello My Moto Friends! We have a bit of news I thought I would share... At the end of may 2024 We are fencing in the last bit of our little Acre of land. The majority of it was fenced just last August - but a chunk was not done. SOOOOOO, I am excited to announce that we are getting that area fenced so we can start offering sniff/Play spots for dogs that have issues being in public spaces, or don't have a recall. Having a dog like Slicks, I understand the importance of not having other dogs around and the ability to safely let them run, play and SNIFF! So stay tuned because we will be open to clients in the coming weeks.


On top of the sniff spot usage we will have the space to offer Puppy Play Time and group classes! so it's an exciting time and I can't wait until we have that space fenced and safe to use.  

Hello, Prince Edward Island! 

The Kids
Sprocket running on the Confederation Trail PEI

                                                 October 2023


HI!, My name is Shawna -I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself to my new province.

Sprocket, Slicks, and I arrived in PEI at the end of July and we are living in Wheatley River... so far we are loving it here. We came from British Columbia where I have been living for the last 19 years, previous to that I was living in Grand Cayman, and originally I was born and raised in Ontario... The biggest question I have gotten so far since moving here is "Why PEI?" well the best answer I can give is we needed a change, we needed some space, some rest, some calm, and well PEI just kind of happened. There's no real pinpointed answer. All I can say is that we are enjoying our time here so far, and we are settling into our new home.

I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer and will be offering some of my services on the weekends as I am working a full-time job through the week. The future plan is for me to open up to full-time training next year and we will go from there. I will be posting up some possible group classes and will work a few private sessions. If anyone is interested in doing some training please reach out to us on the COntact US page and send me a message so we can chat about the issues you are facing. 


Meet Slicks!                                                                                 January 2021

Sprocket and I adopted Slicks from Victoria Human Society Just after the new year (right when I broke my wrist - very bad timing) Slicks is from northern Manitoba,  I am her 6th home! WOW, she has been through so much in her 10 short months. She came to me with bad food aggression, leash reactivity, and fear-related issues (very shy introductions with people) so far- we have improved her food aggression - if all dogs are sitting beside her I can give her a treat! her leash reactivity is still happening but we are working very hard on fixing that. I will get some videos posted soon to see her training progress. check out our Blog on Slicks and how I have been training and dealing with her issues. Check out our blog for more information...

Miss Slicks
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