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PART 2 of Moto's Most Mischievous Moments.

As promised here is the part 2 series of Moto's Most Mischievous Moment I hope you enjoy reading about that little rascal, his memories bring sometimes a tear but mostly a smile as I can remember these days and realize how funny, friendly and had a mind of his own. Miss you my Moto dog.

1. Mr. Princess – one more little, short story – Moto was actually the biggest princess ever to walk the earth, he hated getting his feet wet, he hated swimming or being wet, baths, really anything to do with water, he loved baking in the sun or in front of the fireplace, he loved laying on the couch watching outside the window and he also LOVED comfort – the thickest, squishiest, tallest bed was his place to be!!!!


If we vacuumed we would pull all the dog beds off the floor and pile them on the coffee table so we could vacuum – here’s where you would find Moto EVERYTIME. MOTO!!!

2. Moto’s going grocery shopping…

And number 10 shortly after adoption I had Moto in the truck with me (he was in the back seat) by this point I had realized that he was a little bit crazy, but certainly wasn’t expecting this little joke he played on me.


I was in Surrey BC and had to run into a store quickly for something and I parked in front of an Asian Grocery store – (it’s been my experience that a lot of Asian people are afraid of dogs) at any rate I park, shut off the engine and take the seat belt off as I was opening the door and suddenly Moto leaps in-between the seat and the wall over my left shoulder and out the door. Once he hit the ground he was at a full run – and ran straight to the door (which conveniently opened for him) and I can see him through the window running up and down the isles and people were screaming and some were chasing him. A man coming out of the store stopped and whistled and held the door open and Moto came running out with a massive smile on his face proud as punch with his accomplishments. Thankfully as far as I know he didn’t eat anything... lol MOTO!!!

3. Where’s my shoes?

Early on after adoption Moto (I think) watched Bear carry my shoes from downstairs to upstairs – because Bear did carry the shoes from the front door and leave them either on the stairs or on the stair landing when I was away. Moto maybe watched him do this and he decided to take it one step further. He carted the shoes to his bed – or sometimes all the way to my bed. At any rate – any person coming into the house Moto would stand on guard ready to pounce as soon as that shoe slid off the foot he would grab it and run. Sometimes he would be sneakier and wait patiently until the person made their way into the house. On one day a friend visited that had bought himself a pair of Prada shoes $$$ and he left them by the front door. When he was leaving, he went to grab his shoes and unbeknownst to us Moto had snuck the shoe past us and was laying on top of it in his dog bed. My friend soon discovers that one of his shoes was missing and he yells “MY PRADA’S!!!!!” oh my god – I knew that Moto had never chewed on shoes but please please please be ok… I ran first to the dog bed and there was Moto proud as Punch laying on top of his prize brown shoe…. MOTO!!!

4. Counter surfing…

Yes, this was also something Moto loved to do. He didn’t just put paws up on the edge with his back legs on the ground… oh no my Moto was hopping up on top of the counter and literally would surf for food, fun whatever he could find to eat or play with.


When I first adopted him from the SPCA this was a huge problem and over time it did get better but the first few years he would be standing on top of the counter getting what he wanted to get. One day he would have been under 2 years old my boyfriend at the time had made a pizza (I was at work so didn’t see this happen) He had baked the pizza and had left it on the island in the kitchen to let it cool before he cut into it. He had stepped outside on the balcony for a few minutes and when he came back inside there was Moto on top of the Pizza digging in yet flailing his head around because of the hot cheese spraying sauce and cheese all over the kitchen. Apparently, there was quite the mess – ummmmm PIZZA. MOTO!!!

5. Walk to the park…

In Surrey BC we lived close to a baseball field and would often walk and play there – close to there was a good dog park and a trail that went from the dog park past the ball diamonds and looped around in the bush and back to the ball diamonds. On this day there was a baseball game happening (older adults) I walked the edge of the field and around the back side of the diamonds and hit the trail. Once I was a fair way up the trail, I decided to let the boys off leash to run in the bush- As soon as Moto heard the clip of the

6. Hiking on the logging roads… 

We were hiking up on the logging roads in Crofton BC – on the way back down we came across some guys in pickup trucks (loggers) there was 2 trucks and the white truck had both its passenger and driver’s doors open- Now seeing that Moto didn’t have a recall (most often than not-he would come when he was damn well ready to come) and he LOVED people and trucks, he took off running.

Well, the men ignore him and the next thing I see is Moto jumping into the truck…. The men saw but again just ignored him. I started running calling him- As run past the men I saying “sorry” and get to the truck to see MOTO with his head buried deep into the guys lunchbox snacking on his sandwich OMG – I quickly leashed him up and dragged him down out of the truck and started running down the hill. I didn’t even stick around to apologize or anything, I’m sure the guy was some upset later that day when he went to eat his lunch. MOTO!!!!   

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