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    Positive Reinforcement and Game Based
    Dog Training.

    Dog Trainer Shawna Gower and Moto

    Ages and stages Puppy Training

    Set your puppy up for success by giving them the best head start in life! Create a positive socialization experience and build confidence. We train with a positive game-based curriculum. We have courses designed to assist you with all ages and stages of your puppy's growth.

    *Moto's Kinder K9
    *The Right Start Puppy Program
    *The Teen Training Puppy Program

    Adult DOG Training
    *Don't be a "Moto" Obedience Course
    *Reactive DOG Training
    *Holistic Health and Carnivore Nutrition
    *Recall and Loose leash walking workshops


    Dog bone
    Dog Food Can

    Meet the newest member of the MOTO pack... SPROCKET!!!


    Sprocket was born on April 7 2021 in Creston BC. He's an amazing Black lab, incredibly smart, and full of beans... More to come on this lil'man

    We've MOVED to PEI - now training in the
    Wheatley River and surrounding area

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