Safe and Socialization Puppy Group Class

For Puppies Enrolled in The Right Start Puppy Program

Held every other Sunday - cowichan exhibition Grounds

Number one thing you could do for your puppy is socialize them! If you are enrolled in The Right Start Puppy Program please bring your pups to the Safe and Socialization Group Puppy Class. This is class is 30 mins of Socializing and 30 mins of working on your skills with all the distractions!!!


2 classes being held 10:00 is younger/smaller puppies 12 weeks to 5 months. 11:00 is 6 months and older. If you have questions of what group you are in please contact us directly 604-619-0833 or email


Some things to note during COVID


*Because of the large volume of puppies enrolled in The Right Start Puppy Program only those allowed can attend the program at this time.

*Avoid touching anyone else’s equipment, harness, collars, leashes. 

*Please stay home if you have a cold or flu like symptoms.

*Pick a corner of the yard to stand in and we will all keep a distance from each other. 

*MASKS are required


Can’t wait to see everyone! All the puppies will be getting so big! 🐕 please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the preparation for Covid-19. 

June 13 - 1:00pm for small dogs and up to 5                       months
                2:00pm for dogs older than 6 months
JUne 27 - 10;00am for small dogs and up to 5                     months 
                11:00am for dogs older than 6                             months


Public Puppy Play Group

Held every other Sunday- Cowichan Exhibition Grounds

Puppy Playtime is very crucial for puppies' development - not only is it fun for them but they will also learn important skills such as;


Doggy Etiquette

Bite Inhibition

Proper Play

Body Language


This is a safe and supervised environment where your puppy can have an hour of fun and skill-building. This program is open to the public

Puppies must be UNDER 5 months old, register with us prior to class, and have paid in full prior to arrival.


We will need a minimum of 4 puppies to run the class and a maximum of 10. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased on EventBright link


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

To be announced - we have not had any interest in this program - If you have a puppy and would like to attend please contact us.

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Certified Dog & Puppy Trainer

Duncan, BC V9L 0B7

Phone: 604-619-0833